Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weed-ventures from last night....

So I randomly got the idea that I'll make a post on here every time I have an interesting weed-related story. I figure this would give me a chance to have some fun and just sorta throw my thoughts all over the place.

Warning: Some posts may or not be made while at an elevated state

So, me and the G-man have been smokin' all week more or less. Earlier I'd had a few seshes with Bex and her pipe and she gave me a lil of hers but I let her have most of it. It was her stache and I wasn't about to look like a mooch. Her and that chick with the godawful breath and the exact personality of Fluttershy totally made out on my bed, though. He he he. Her weed didn't taste very good, but it got me pretty faded, and in the end that's what matters.

Anyways back on subject, G-man touched base with me and we decided to try to get our hands on some of the green stuff. We ended up going all over town pawning various things we didn't need. A damn buck-fifty for three DVDs and a video game in perfect condition, you believe that horseshit? Last time I get short-changed by some third rate game store... So we ended up just selling G's old iPhone 4S. Damn thing wasn't about to get turned back on anytime soon, and it was slow as shit even when it was. Good riddance. 55 bucks, now that's more like it!.

Cash in tow, we headed to our buddy Deston's place. If there are two things I'm certain of, it's that that dude is always home and always has some weed on him. Dude's loaded and he knows it. He usually just keeps Reggie, but this time he had a bunch of corn instead! We ended up cleanin' the guy out, 40 bucks for three eighths of some great mid. They tried to say it was more, but G-man knew better. Haha. We were gonna spend the remaining 20 bucks on some 'dro from Ray, but we didn't have his number and my phone's been off since May. AT&T can KMA. It was really compressed and would've been a bitch and a half to break down were it not for that grinder Bex had given me. Score! We shared a pretty big blunt at his place, then parted ways for the night. He gave me a gram for myself, which was pretty chill.

I went to bed like right after I got home (I think) but I remember listening to music like I usually do while blazed. It's just not a complete experience without it. Cashmere Cat's "Mirror Maru" has been a favorite of mine recently, but you can ever go wrong with the Jody Den Broeder remix of Poker Face. It's like 7 minutes long but I swear it'll feel like 30 when you're faded. It's also really echo-ey which helps. Oh man, speaking of which I found this gem of a pic from the Fame Ball while I was high:

Isn't she just pure perfection? I mean, to each his own, but I'm completely serious when I say I'd marry her in a heartbeat, like for real. It's as if someone created my ideal woman, or something.

So anyways G blew through his stuff in less than a week, while I had a few average solo sessions during the night. Then he rolls up one morning wanting to smoke. I didn't have much to bring out other than a half-burned bowl and what little keef we could scrape out of the grinder. If only I hadn't dropped the other half-burnt stuff outside (fucking gloves!). Did I ever mention I'm painfully low-income? I can't help but feel bad for spending money on herb but I don't spend that much so it's whatever. So we smoke that but I end up getting most of the keef hits and get a lot higher than G. We tried hitting up Deston but he was at work, so we just headed to G's house and I fucked around on the computer for a few hours.

A whole minute later, we tried Deston's again since it was nighttime and he'd probably be home by then. Still wasn't, but my bro Clay from high school was. This guy's one of the most amicable dudes you'll meet. No hate in this nigga's heart. He let us have a joint and almost two bowls, so we got pretty faded this time. The guy puts in "Heat" and doesn't even turn the sound on. Lmao. So Clay and I catch up on old times and discuss weird kids from our high school. We didn't talk all that much back then, so it's great that we do now. G-man was just laying down on the bed stoned outta his mind. Dude pulls out a cigarette and just holds it in his hand for like an hour, doesn't even light it. Funny thing his, he acknowledged the fact several times. I laugh, but I'm no better. I was sitting there trying to devise a plan to pull a heist at one of the pawn shops. I must've been high to think we coulda split 20k each and boosted everything.

Around 10 we headed home and messed around on the computer some more. We kept toying with the idea of going to Whataburger, but we woulda had to wait til G's fam went to bed, which didn't happen for a while and we both just passed the fuck out. I fell asleep in my hat, which I never do. In summary, it was a great night. G-man's a dude I can always count on. Stay tuned for the next installment!

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