Friday, October 12, 2012


So, yeah. Figured I'd make one of these, too. I guess I'll use this as sort of a journal type thingy as well as a place to post my creepypastas.

Not much of interest happened today. Sick as fuck with the flu. Cough syrup put me to sleep around 11 last night. Internet was being sluggish as all hell anyways. Couldn't even load videos because of shitty new YouTube. Slept til around 5pm. Eh.

I'm in a bit of a conundrum because I really want Pokemon White 2, but I had to break down and sell my 3DS to get Borderlands 2 at midnight release. Coulda gotten it normally, but my dad had my money and he decided that was a great week to disappear off the face of the earth. Anyways, I'm selling my Wii along with all it's games(except for Skyward Sword, gonna beat it on friend's Wii) tomorrow. That is, if I can get a ride. It's in amazing condition, has 2 controllers(one being a MotionPlus) and has everything it came with, sans the box and papers. Hope gamestop doesn't rip me off too hard. Got about $70 for a 3DS in shitty condition, so hopefully will get more for Wii in great condition. Don't really want to sell it so much as I have to, but playing Brawl by myself has kinda lost its luster.

Didn't do much gaming today. Played a little Audiosurf then ragequit after hitting a gray I didn't see in Avril Lavigne's "What the Hell". Wanna play some Borderlands 2 but no one will get on. Wake your asses up, guys.

Working on a few projects as well. A couple new creepypastas for y'all, and some rap songs for 2 Stoned Records, my satirical rap group. Right now anything in the field of academics can go fuck itself.

But I'm not in all that of a bad mood. Pretty pumped actually. The money I was gonna use on Xbox stuff ended up going towards a ticket to a Lady Gaga concert in Dallas. So fuckin' pumped you don't even know. Got amazing seats, too. Toying with the idea of trying to kiss her or something at the end. I dunno. A few broken bones would be totally worth it.

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