Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This world has enough dead heroes. +Pokemon White 2 Impressions, etc and new creepypasta

Time for a new post, eh? Well, I figure I'll get the bad news out of the way first. On October 12th, I learned that I had lost my grandfather on my father's side, Wes Franks. It has been many years since I have lost family, so this hit me especially hard. I used to live with him, and we never once had a fight or disagreement. He was a firefighter as well as a soldier in the Korean War. He helped me find my cats when they got lost. He taught me that it was right to be different at an early age. I don't feel as bad for him as I would others. He got to live a long life, a year from making it to age 90. He was rarely ill until around 2 months ago. Most importantly by serving the people, he made something of his life, and I think because of that he could die happy. Sometimes I look in the obituaries, and while I do feel bad, I feel even worse knowing that these people really didn't try to make anything of themselves, and died a proverbial "no-name". I'm going to do this world some significant good, make others happy, and make a noticeable impact here before I leave, you can count on that.

In other news, I did end up managing to get my hands on Pokemon White 2. It was a bit of a struggle. I broke down, made another rash decision, and sold my Wii, along with 2 games. I was only able to get a used DS, and it wasn't in the greatest condition, having a shitton of residue on the back from one of those sticker-cover things you can put on a DS. I must say my decision was well worth it. This game is the best I've played in the series in a long time.

When I first bought Pokemon White back in March of 2011, I felt it was little more than an obligatory purchase. I didn't have a computer at the time, so my only source of entertainment was Xbox Live, which was getting godawfully stale to be honest. I had money at the time, so I figured I'd move right on to the 5th gen the day after it was released. What I got was a depressingly mediocre experience. A small handful of new Pokemon designs that didn't look too embarrassing to even have on your team, a generally unappealing story with only one particularly interesting character (N), an almost depressing atmosphere, the worst overworld music in the entire series, which only took about 30 seconds to loop for almost every town and route, rivals worse than May, bland aftergame content, too much reliance on owning another DS(which I didn't), and worst of all, extremely gimped online play; no level 100 set battles(the 50 flat battles are NOT the same thing), terrible wifi connectivity(No, it's not just my internet. Everyone I knew had to enter/exit the Wifi room multiple times just to so much as trade), and they really seemed to up their security in stopping hackers. In fact, they upped it so much that I couldn't make it into the room sometimes! Funny how that works when I only use Pokemon I've caught, and don't even own a cheating device! All in all, I felt as though I'd been jipped, and only got the game because everyone would be moving onto the 5th gen for online play. As soon as I beat the champ, I barely put any effort into the game. I got a few level 100's, EV trained about 4 pokemon, and rarely turned the game on after that.

Naturally, I was reluctant to even give the sequel a chance. I was as dirt-poor as ever on its release, and therefore didn't give it much thoughts. Then, I started to hear about the game more and more. Saw more posts and pictures my rich-ass friends made and took relating to the game. It looked...appealing. By this time I was about as burnt out on Borderlands 2 as a stoner a week after landing his plane in a pot field, so I wanted something new to play, more specifically White 2. It didn't take very much playing to figure out how amazing this game was. It fixed so many of White's problems. All of the new town music is amazing. Sure, the shitty old town themes are still there, but some are even remixed. Your rival is very interesting, and most of the characters have great development, making for a gripping story. It actually involves things like morals, which is a bit new for the series. The selection of Pokemon is superb, with a great variety. I think any fan can find a good team through their journey. Though still a bit wonky, the wifi room works much better for trading/etc. It expanded on the series the right way, and it's something I can appreciate.

Onto a few other notes before I end this long ass post. I've got a good bit of my creepypasta done and the first chapter will be up early next week. I was originally just going to post the whole thing at once, but splitting it up adds suspense. I really hope you enjoy, as I consider this my best work.

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