Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Part 2 - The Outset

It was a chilly, lackluster evening at my place. It was that time of year when it got pitch dark very early into the evening, though I wasn't complaining. I enjoyed this. I used to be fearful of the night as a child, but now saw it as calm, and serene. It gave me time to think about whatever was important to me.

However, to reiterate, it was a boring night. There was quite frankly nothing to do. I was, as per usual, home alone, save for two wily felines. I'd usually be playing some online game on my Xbox 360, or watching videos and chatting on my computer, but there weren't many people on. Chris was somewhere with his fiancee, Craig had gotten into yet another fight with his family, Donovan was gone on some bad K2, Michael had said something about trying to earn the power of understanding, Isaiah was hard at work on another 'Obese Mike' single, Bella was being designated driver at another probably illegal party, Jack was in another multi-day Skype call with his girlfriend, Tyler never got on anymore ever since he gained his obsession with oversharpening his academic skill, my cousin Emily was writing some fanfiction, and the rest of my Xbox and Skype friends list was pretty dead.

I laid on my bed upside down, as in with my feet on the pillows, sighed, and stared up longingly at my rather sizable poster of Lady Gaga, depicted wearing a metal dress from the end of the Paparazzi music video. It was only one of several instances that her visage adorned my walls, mixed in next to posters of Dragon Ball Z, Mega Man, Dirty Harry, and the like.

Not only was I a fan, I held quite the crush on her since I was sixteen, and it showed. Beyond posters, I owned her three studio albums in physical form, a t-shirt from the ever-popular Redbubble.com poking fun at her, her self-endorsed Heartbeat headphones, and even made some humorous fanart a few times. Mind you, this was not the same type of vehement obsession I had previously held for actress/singer Jennette McCurdy a few years ago, but I will fully admit I found Gaga's style, appearance, and demeanor to be undeniably attractive. Close friends of mine often joked about how great of a couple we'd make due to my general strangeness and non-sequitur nature.

Tonight, though, I wanted something to happen. I could feel as though something would happen. It was a few days after my investigation of the Paparazzi conspiracy, and as I had no particularly demanding task at hand, I decided I'd take it further than I ever had with most projects of this nature. I grabbed a few "essentials"(some snacks, my allergy medicine, my wallet, whatever was left of my weed(I felt I'd need it), and my stiletto knife in case things went south) and put whatever wouldn't fit in my pockets into my Jeep. I had a decent job, and since I no longer had to support my lazy-ass friends and family with most of my check, I had well over enough to fund this little adventure.

I decided I wanted to see what, if any, truth there was behind the conspiracies.

I decided I'd get it the most efficient, yet dauntingly difficult way.

That is to say, straight from the source.

Straight from the source herself.

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