Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A brief analysis of sites I frequent or used to frequent

Just something I wanted to post for the hell of it.

YouTube: Dead to me since the March 7th, 2012 forced channel update. Infact, fuck every update made since I joined. Only ever visited to watch let's plays or occasionally download music. Rarely anything else.

Failbook: Still decent. I find that a lot of my statuses and posts get deleted for no reason. Timeline has its ups and downs. Activity log is pretty sweet, but with everyone deleting their account, its use is somewhat limited.

Yahoo: Thankfully they haven't forced me to update to the godawful new iteration of the mailbox. Mail Classic FTW. Messenger is pretty dead these days.

DeviantArt: Mostly still the same as when I joined. Wish the community was a little more active. No one ever watches me back when I watch them.

RuneScape: Game itself is admittedly still awesome and has had a lot of good updates recently. Site is becoming harder to navigate and less user-friendly.

Formspring: Holy God, what happened here. Site updates are infrequent and negligible, but if you haven't noticed the community is as dead as it's ever been. Needs to get active again. I haven't received a non-spam question since October. LIVE: Dashboard has sucked major dick ever since the 2010 Kinect update. Dear God this is an ugly design, and the next two iterations weren't any better. Why the fuck is it so blindingly white? I had to change my theme just to partially remedy that. Customization is down the shitter. In-game chat is dead.

Twitter: Always hated this site with a passion. Originally joined only after extensively being bugged to do so. Closed original account after about half a year for several reasons. The community is literally one of the worst I've seen. Full of nothing but pretentious assholes, fanboys/girls, overzealous shippers, aspies, and just about everything else I generally dislike. Nevertheless, I decided to give it another chance around when I got my computer back, and this time around was a little better(I was able to avoid and troll the shit out of the aforementioned groups), but I eventually got sick and tired of girls I love tweeting incessantly about their worthless boyfriends.

Anyways, part 3 coming soon and all that good stuff. Cheers

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